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 I'm eating gloop. I'm seeing a man in a suit play the accordion, he turns and looks at me, his face is not at all human well maybe a little. But as I look closer it's almost as if it was a car made human. He starts singing with his horn vocal cords a cryptic message of vessels on the sea transporting slaves of his people. And how they were taken from the land of wheely wheely a far forgotten land of huminoids with wheel limbs. Everywhere you went in their palaces the circle was adorned everywhere. It was a culture all dedicated to it. And then the squares came and made the wheels work to build square buildings cause as you know they need the wheel for their labor. And so the story when on, and now this old car man is talking to me not singing but talking in his horn language of how there was a war of shapes not just between the squares and circles but all the shapes you could think of! They fought for what would be called outside of time time. Which doesn't make sense at all if you think about it cause how could there still be time if your already outside of it. Hahaha, anywho back to the manner at hand. I asked I asked carman which I was later to find was his name, if he'd bring me home, cause I walked here from home. He happily agreed, only if I played his accordion inside even if I wasn't good. I agreed and got in, and so I got inside him and we began to talk about my story. And so Here's my story. Well you see, you may be thinking I'm human but really I'm a banana alien from another frequency altogether but I change shapes here and there cause I have irritable bowl syndrome. So if I'm not a banana I'm a human who eat's bananas cause I hear bananas are good for your cholesterol. Anyway enough of my body and my health problems, let's start my story as any story starts, from nowhere. My name is Rom Le Flea, don't ask where I got it cause I don't even know my parents, well that's not entirely true cause my father is in contact with me as we speak and as he writes. He's actually improvising his own story like a badass, I love my father. We don't speak much, which is why I left for a walk, I guess you could say I was in search of someone to chill with, and so my wish came true when I met Carman, who happens to be a pretty chillax guy. He said he's in his own band and wants me to play in it. Which really excited me cause I play the keys like a crocodile. So we're gonna name our duo group Hands In Pockets. So once we get a few songs made I'll play them for you guys. Well I'm getting tired and Carman and I just pulled up at my house I'm gonna go and work on some songs. I'll catch you people on this frequency later, with your silly facebook thing, my father enjoys it, so I guess it must be fun. Any who catch ya'll later!
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I fancy in the conjuring of my phantom pantomimes onto the infinite plane of nether which I've used with the consent of mother nature, to view the atrocities which I have overcome. I enjoy exploring the remote future as well as the abysmal past searching for new way's to rebirth the archaic life force. I've adopted countless patterns to help grow new idea's for other's to eat . I open my ears to the waves of the wacky ocean of consciousness speaking her lovely lullaby's, teaching me to love her endless pleasures. I enjoy pressing my fabric of existence with my mirror reflection. It gives rise to the serpent who sleeps at the foundation of my core or did I mean core of my foundation. Which ever's fine.

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Glad you liked my stuff :) You got a cool gallery yourself.
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Thanks for faving ;)
McCorvey92 1 day ago   General Artist
You're welcome :) And your Tarot cards turned out pretty spectacular!
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Thank you very much!!!
CristianoTeofili 6 days ago   Traditional Artist
minamiaduma Apr 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the Fabs & Watching ♪♪♪
your art psychedelic, I like it ・・・awesome ♪
McCorvey92 6 days ago   General Artist
Your welcome.
Yeah I like your work as well.
:icongatlingpeaplz:Thank you very much dear friend for the fav
on LOST IN THE BIG CITY!!! :icongloomshroomplz:

:icontiphankeplz: on BLUE DEMON!!!:icontiphankeplz:

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