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Exists, and it's the world we live in. But humans are old and our past stretches pretty far. But these words are nothing compared to the greater scheme of things. I'm just elaborating my feelings on the obscurity of a great civilization. Why do humans have to lower our selves with stories, that make different time periods better. Why can't we just be better. ugh. I'm starting to just feel civilization was a bad idea from the beginning. Maybe we need to live with nature again, or maybe we should evolve out of our bodies and become pure energy. Or maybe we should become drunk with the sensations that the body provides us and go by the slogan "Every man for themselves" Who knows, should really be giving us a hint.
Maybe we should make this world more like our dreams. But our dreams go into weird places. Like if I were to tell you my dreams you'd probably barf of over bearing mind bogglingness. Here goes. I was once in a volcano palace, I was just a wee child not remembering where everyone went as people were walking past me, I went to the end of the hall all the way to the exit and forgot why I went there. So I turned around and left the volcano entirely...Now I'm at my high school, there's a stand of people selling Gatorades, I'm not thirsty. The only thing I'm thirsty for is your lips on my mouth eternally. Why do you run away from me, you know I'm everyone why run from something you know to be true. I'm the cells inside the eyes that allow you to read this. I'm inside your heart mind. I'm inside my heart mind. I'm fine being everywhere at once, it allows me to gain perspective on myself to make decisions cause what decisions without choices.......
Lets go to this building I found once it was so long it changed from night to day to day to night with houses that lived inside it yes the houses were alive and people were the furniture. Now I'm outside in an unfamiliar familiar intersection with a fence and a road It leads me down hill to nowhere, I've been there before, I go there every time I close my eyes. I've become to enjoy it and it me for there was only me and he.....We play a play of extraordinary heights. I'm in a super market and I'm lost I'm a wee child there's people looking for me, I'm trying to lose them, we are in a labyrinth of my mind, so you'd think I know it well, indeed I do. I'm here you see to greet myself in conversation of the past, reminiscing of the epic proportions of my story, thee story. Which some may know, and some may not. It makes no difference. I am here. I am not. I am here. I am not. Troy is here. I am not. And so it goes on and off. Quit flickering the light Nosferatu, I got that idea from a sponge.......I LOVE.
I'm listening to The Dead Ramones there playing on the Styx in the underworld. La la la la la la la la la la la la la al al ala la la ala la la la. gO GO GOG OG O GO GOGOGOGO GOGOG FREEEDDOM IS SO TASTY I TASTE ALL THE TASTE. I just wish I could have the taste of your holy grail lips touch mine. Cause every day I don't I die inside. That's why rrlslkggsklI make fabulous art to remind myself and you I'm and we and he and her and them and they and she and be and we've and hey that we're burning burning burning burning cause burning burning burning is what keeps us going going going going going ogingoi g goiojg ogiogno goigpjdfgjhfd;blkhdfgjhadfglkfljlk future! future! future! future! future! I've been to the future! it's so horrible the present is where it's at it's where everything started right now is it it's what we are here for it it it itb it it it it it it ti titit itititititititi. Come on it's your story to join me I need more love. I'm dying without you all. I'm really not joking these are my thoughts and feelings I'm going mad mad for you and me and me and you! Love love love fear fear fear!! Love must when! ahhhhhhhh this is gay your a batty man! I'm a FANTASY MAN I'M A MAN OF ACTION A MAN OF WORDS AND A MAN OF ART A MAN AND A WOMEN A WOMEN THAT LOOKS LIKE A MAN AND A MAN THAT LOOKS LIKE A WOMEN. COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON COME ON YOU AND ME AND ME AND YOU AND ME AND YOU......GO GO GOG OG OGG GOG GOG GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO INFINITY GIN GINGIGN GING ING INGINGING GIG INFINITE CREATION ALL OF THIS IS US WE are abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwsyz dpodpodhopdhpodhohdpohdopu I don't give a shit I shit you shit magic is everywhere.......
It's these words it's these cryptic talk your pope feeds you cause you need to feed cause your only a puppy. Doesn't that sound stupid I'm greatt german great.....USAH. I am Pual Muad' Dib. We are Luke Skywalker, Darth vader, Frodo, Hermit the frog. Miss piggy too.........Do you want to be dead? cOOL i'VE BEEN THERE IT'S FUN BUT NOT AS FUN AS LIVING. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. I have a heart of gold and I say do what you want baby your magic any way you portray yourself, I'll fuck the skeleton you are I don't care. Your like a swan dancing on the water like baby Jesus I mean Horus.....Where to go from here I know not the outcome only the it's as spontaneous as the orgasm that conceived the universe and this moment and you say magic doesn't exist exist exist exist get off the meds bitch they're killing that spirit color inside, I'm trying to make you a blob like in fairy odd parents where everyone is turned into grey blobs.....What am I talking about I'm trying to free you from that, your already a blob...don't get mad if you think other wise that only means your one step away from breaking away, away from what? I don't know only more only that I thought I broke away from it as well but I'm sort of missing it as well cause it was still apart of me and me is to be the bee and space spice. The fear is the mind killer, and I have let the fear touch what it was to love and what and what and waht? ON WE GO
I miss your body and I want your love, oh baby and I need your love......Baby lets go away to the underworld where we can be free from everyone who thinks we're not everyone cause why can't we be more than two or one what's the fun in just one face or two I need all of them all of them all of them all of them oh baby oh baby oh baby you don't know what your doing what to me of yeah of yeah oh oh ohh ohh oh hoh oh oh everyones beautiful oh can't you see I miss you baby oh baby oh baby oh baby oh baby oh uh uh uh uh uhu uh uh uh uh u huh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh u I've been gone forever I forgot what it was like to love I'm sorry I took it out on you, I don't think you can forgive me. I put you through so much, through everything I could think of, you can't forgive me I won't let you. Please baby I don't care.....Your the most beautiful thing in the universe ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my brain.... Just kidding I'm just writing the most epic story cause shit that's what it's all about the most epic shitt cause if you don't go big you gotta be gone forever don't even expect to go home just leave this place.uh I'm just kidding babe we want to fuck you too. I'm so lonely, I'm so horney, I can't suppress these feelinngs any longer I'm about to explode and form little universes of me fucking forever under trees uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh u huh uh uh uh. Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me with your beautiful words baby I love you so much it's unfathomable, it's because I'm the phantom of the opera babe you know it to be true truer than blue or clue even leaven heavens knew I'd love you till the end of know where? where? You you baby are my forever I will love till the sun leaves this space realm and into the past live it's life.......
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh u  are magick magick magick magick mafia magic mafia masonic.
I love the news of you killing me me me me me me me me me me me me you youy oyouy oy ouy oyo oksdvljsgk  kfdblkjh kfdjlkbd 0101010101010101010101010101010 I don't care I don't care I care I don't care I don't care I don't care I care I care I don't I don't I don't I do I do I do Ido Ido Ido so are we married yet? No marriage is for losers who need paper, it's more than that dumby it totally means something....I mean something to you though so it's all swell oh it's all swell, yeah yeah yeah you do do do d do do it to it................................sorry readers this was only a sample of our infinite lovers, to read the rest you're going to have to learn how to read binary code for our two lovers are transcending....01010100001010101101110110100100101101010100100101100100101010011010101001000100100100100100100011101001010000010001000101010100000000101010010100101100101011101001001010101010101010010100100100100001010010110101010101011101010101010010111011010110100001001111111010110110101000101001010101011110001001011010010101110101010101100101101001010100101001010101010111010010100100101010010101010101101010101101010010010100101001010101001101110001010101010110100010101010101110110100110010010101101110101010010101010101010100101010010101010011111111101001010110110101110111101101010101101110101010010101001111101011110101000101101000111000001001010101010101011111101011100001100101000001000000101110101110
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I fancy in the conjuring of my phantom pantomimes onto the infinite planes of nether which I've used with the consent of mother nature, to view the atrocities which I have overcome. I enjoy exploring the remote future as well as the abysmal past searching for new way's to rebirth the archaic life force. I've adopted countless patterns to help grow new idea's for other's but mostly myself to play with. I open my ears to the waves of the wacky forest of consciousness speaking her lovely lullaby's, teaching me to love her endlessly endless pleasures. I enjoy merging with the shadows who look like you, It awakens the serpent who sleeps all day. But he only awakens into another dream. Leaving him psychotic and sad. So how is he suppose to make sense out of all. Poor serpent how can we make you ours.

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