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Eroding away in a waiting room in purgatory I observe these skeletons who are sticking needles into my mind.
They seem not to realize it's their mind they're penetrating. I laugh the pain that's been my friend as long as I can care to remember off my shoulder as if it wasn't there to begin with. I then listen to the colors around as they dance around my head as if the were painted on like a body painted girl was painted to match the background wall. I start to jam with the spiders from mars with my mechanical friend who seems not to mind not having limbs but his mind mind you if only made for one thing. It's sad really that he never get's to use his only ability in life but instead everything else. What voodoo is this that I'm going so far into writing I'm not sure what is it. Ego band playing for the street girls on the streets cause they're just as sleazy as momma was when she was their age. But now momma is dead and no one knows what to do anymore but stick to the scripts that the devil wrote when he wasn't getting any, and so the story is probably not full of sex cause he was jealous of God getting all the pussy and hogging love. So the devil wrote this screenplay we all seem to caught in knowing God will never have love or sex again. Now laughing at himself the devil finally fell to his knees crying realizing he himself was God and he was only delusional when he thought God was hogging love and sex. Instead he was pushing love and sex and everything that comes with that away cause he's the devil and he can't think why he can't love cause he's the devil and who would want to love a devil certainly not me the devil writing this sad memoir on a screenplay I once wrote when I was jealous of God hogging all the love and sex but God wasn't hogging it was me pushing God away from me cause who would love a devil? Who I ask you? Who? How can one love this lonesome gargoyle I've become? I sit in my cell looking at that burning light of love and think what makes them burn that bright, is that my reflection? Am I in hell? Maybe maybe not all I know is I just want to be alone. But these demons are made of love and they won't go away, so what's left to do but get acquainted with them.  
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I fancy in the conjuring of my phantom pantomimes onto the infinite planes of nether which I've used with the consent of mother nature, to view the atrocities which I have overcome. I enjoy exploring the remote future as well as the abysmal past searching for new way's to rebirth the archaic life force. I've adopted countless patterns to help grow new idea's for other's but mostly myself to play with. I open my ears to the waves of the wacky forest of consciousness speaking her lovely lullaby's, teaching me to love her endlessly endless pleasures. I enjoy merging with the shadows who look like you, It awakens the serpent who sleeps all day. But he only awakens into another dream. Leaving him psychotic and sad. So how is he suppose to make sense out of all. Poor serpent how can we make you ours.

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Your galleries amazing, i can't even begin to wonder how you've created all of these pieces. Its a pleasure to have come across you and your work, and just by your description and titles I can tell your journal entries will be even more entertaining, can't wait to start reading. Keep it up,
from a stranger.
uki--uki Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thank you so much for the appreciation!


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